Check their Irradiation Process (natural or artificial).
This Detector is Ready to Go with 3 Batteries Installed Size AG3 PLUS 3 spare batteries!
Measures 1 3/4" Long and 1/2" Wide so it fits easily into your pocket!

  • Simple to use.
  • Convenient to carry. Fits in your pocket and doubles as a keychain.
  • Very affordable.
  • Quickly identify Banknotes, Credit Cards, Stamps, Antiques, Minerals, Gems, and Much More!
  • Very Durable Tough Body Made of Steel. (Not the cheap plastic imitations others are selling!)
  • Comes with 3 Batteries installed plus 3 spare batteries.
  • Most World Wide currency have Invisible Marks that Only Show up under UV Light.
  • Long lasting light bulb.
  • Spot Fakes and Repairs on antiques.

Why lose money to counterfeiters. It is almost Impossible to tell the Difference between an Authentic and a Fake Bank Note. This Very Small but Effective UV Detector has been Designed to Detect the Authenticity of Paper Money, Credit Cards, Traveler's Checks, and other Documants. Real Bills and other Genuine Items Absorb the UV Light.... Special Marks made with Fluorescent Ink will Identify Authenticity. Most of the Paper Currency in the World has Invisible Marks that Only Show up under UV Light, Including US$, CAN$, EURO, YEN, POUND, HK$, etc. A Master Card for instance will show a M and a C on the Front when Light is Flashed on it.

You Like to Buy Antiques? Always have your UV Light Handy to Spot Fakes and Repairs such as Glass Cracks, many of which Cannot be Detected by the Human Eye, without UV-LIGHT....The UV Light will Detect at Once what the Naked Eye Can't See. Never be Cheated again on Your Antiques Purchases!

This UV Key Chain is Commonly used for Identifying Fluorescent Paper (Tagging) on Stamps of United States, Canada, China, France, Germany, Mexico, etc.

Do You Have Mysterious Odors but Cannot find the Source? Spot Cat spray and other urine and rodent feces hidden from the naked eye, including human urine in hotel beds! You won't be able to spot them unless you use this black light. The UV light reveals all!

Gems & Minerals? Don't be Cheated on your next Purchase... Take your UV Light with You and Check the Fluorescence of Minerals before Buying. There are over 270 Minerals that React Under UV Light with an Incredible Color Change.

Before and after pictures of fluorescent sensitive minerals.

What do we understand under UV-Radiation and by this caused fluorescence, for instance, in minerals?

The us surrounding rays of the sun and the space are, as is known, of different kind and effect. However, we are aware of only a part of the total radiation: the infrared radiation in form of heat and the rays, by which we can see. All other radiation can particularly influence us very sensitively, however, without becoming aware of it. Radiations are expressed in wave length and are measured in the unit "Nanometer" (shortage = nm). The most important kinds of waves are differentiated as follows:
Wave length up to 200 nm = X-ray (Roentgen) waves and so-called vacuum UV-rays - invisible for man
from 200 to 285 nm = short-wave ultraviolet radiation - invisible for man
from 290 to 320 nm = medium-wave UV-radiation - invisible for man
from 340 to 380 nm = long-wave UV-radiation - invisible for man
from 380 to 800 nm = "visible" radiation - the human eye notices this rays as "light"
beyond 800 nm = infrared-heat-radiation and radio-waves - invisible for man
The phenomana of fluorescence means, simply expressed, under certain circumstances the glow of normally non-luminous materials. Such and similar luminaries can result on a chemical way (for instance, the glow of a glow-worm) or, however, on physical stimulation, based on suitable wave lengths.
Fluorescence is, simply said, the transformation of rays of a wave length, invisible for our eyes, into a visible length = colors! The incoming wave length produces oscillation in the grating construction of the crystals. By the oscillation naturally a little bit of the initial energy is consumed. The residual oscillation energy is emitted by the respective object. This emission has another wave length. In the ideal case, this emission level lies in the range of 380 and 800 nm, which means: we can see the resulting colors!


Just wanted to send you a quick note with a rave review!

This is a great tool and wanted to share with you that it also works on depression glass (sometimes called Vaseline glass) and another person said they need it to test marbles. Depression glass is normally tested under a black light and because of the uranium in the glass, it glows. Because of this it's a collector's item. I was hoping this mini light would work to test it and I'm pleased that it does. I'm not sure what's in certain marbles that they are looking for. Some marbles are $200+ so it's important to test them before purchasing. I'm at auctions and estate sales on a regular basis and needed a small portable device exactly like this. So sending more people from Kansas your way.

Enjoy your day and thanks for making this great tool available!
Deedra June 15, 2010

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